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Small Business Human Resource Interview with Kelly Loudermilk of BuildHR – Small Business Show 114

Have you been trained in Human Resource Management? Things like legal hiring practices, at-will employment, harassment policies, and employee manual development? We didn’t think so.

HR issues can plague small businesses of all sizes, especially once you hit the magic 50-employee number that activates all kinds of regulations and requirements. You need some help!

Today on the Small Business Show, Dave and Shannon meet and talk to Kelly Loudermilk, founder of BuildHR, a human resource outsourcing and consulting firm that can make your Small Business life much better...

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School Assembly

Virtual School Assembly is a daily message brought to you by celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and speakers from all around the world. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 these messages were created specifically to bring hope and encouragements to students who are learning from home.

Shark Bite Biz #038 Pandemic HR Answers with Kelly Loudermilk, Owner, BuildHR

A ton has changed with your business. Employees are working from home now, so what should be the dress code? Is it an employer's market or an employee's market? How will work from home impact base salaries for new hires? Shark Bite Biz's David Strausser chats with Kelly Loudermilk, owner of BuildHR, about all of your dire human resources pandemic questions.

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