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What does BuildHR Do with my data?

BuildHR, Inc. is a small business owned by a fellow human being that hates being spammed by sellers and people that are wanting to pitch or sell to you constantly! It is more annoying than being stuck in traffic!

We DO NOT use your data in any way other than to help build a better customer experience for you as our client. This may entail sending you emails from us, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. By signing up for any web-based resources or events, you agree to and enroll in our email communications. We don't email often, to be honest, but when we do it is something we feel will help you in your business adventure.

We DO NOT sell your data! There may be times you request a service that we have relationships with vendors and refer you to them, this is where we may share your contact information with a few trusted partners, but ONLY at your request, this is our referral process, not us selling information. 

Click below to opt-out of referrals

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